Introducing Contactually’s newest way to connect with your relationships — sending cards

December 5, 2016 Ankur Patel

Digital communication…breakdown

In the digital world, communication is key. Texts, emails, and phone calls are accessible from anywhere in the world. There’s really no excuse to overlook an opportunity to connect with your prospects, clients, and leads. Having all those open channels of communication can come with a risk, and they often devalue the message you’re sending. When you’re competing with a barrage of digital communications from friends, family, and advertisers it’s difficult to break through the noise.

Stand out from the average agent

So what’s the secret to making your message stand out? Keep it simple. Not only the content, but the way you send it. Contactually is proud to introduce the ability to send handwritten cards directly to your network. Tear down the digital barrier and show your prospects, leads, and clients how valued they are by sending a handwritten card.


The personal approach guaranteed to win you more business

Sending handwritten cards takes extra time and effort, but the investment is guaranteed to generate you more real estate leads. With Contactually’s send cards feature you’ll have the best of both worlds: take the time out of sending handwritten cards and maintain your powerful, heartfelt message.

I love sending handwritten cards, especially around the holidays. It lets my clients know that I truly care, instead of the typical newsletter they’re used to. – Mary A. SC, Realtor

Sending handwritten cards

When your clients or leads have notable dates coming up, share a special message with just a few simple clicks.


Whether a birthday, anniversary, ‘thank you’ or anything in between, choose from a variety of designs to match the tone of the occasion.


Tips for sending cards

When you’re taking time to send_card_button  keep it simple, make it memorable, and be personable. You might have been working with a client recently and just want to thank them. Maybe you have an old lead who has sent you several referrals. It could be something as simple as a birthday. No matter the reason, this is your moment to make your recipient feel special for the support they’ve given you and your real estate business.


Take advantage of Contactually’s send cards feature and deliver a handwritten card to your clients this holiday season. Make sure to get your orders in early to ensure your message shows up in time for that special moment.

Look out for more to come…

We’d love to hear your feedback on Contactually’s new handwritten cards feature — just email As 2016 comes to a close, stay tuned for more features and announcements in 2017 that will help you accomplish all of your real estate business goals.

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