How To Create a Drip Campaign That Will Skyrocket Your Revenue & Profits

February 18, 2016

In our fourth session of our Ask the Expert series, we ran an interactive workshop called How To Keep Your Business Momentum Up All Year. In our fifth session of our Winter Business Bootcamp, we showed how to build an effective drip campaign, in a way that makes you appear as the preeminent expert in your industry.

Like it or not, only 3% of your leads are ready to buy now. This means that the remaining 97% of your leads are “future” buyers if and only if you continue to nurture them by staying in touch with them regularly. Staying in constant contact with all of your leads is the little known secret to assuring the future success of your business and exploding your revenue and profits.

In this webinar, we will cover:

• The importance of keeping in touch with prospects customers

• An example of what a drip campaign should look like and what you might aim to achieve, so that a steady flow of customers comes to you every day

• A drip campaign reminder series, where Jason emails every month ahead of holidays and special events, outlining opportunities for you to get in touch with your list

• and much more.

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